Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Sheltering International Organisation

Sheltering International aims to provide life-serving skills, vocational training and emergence and relief services for everyone in urgent need. Today, over a billion people live in poverty with no access to vocational skills. That’s 14% of the world’s population. We work with marginalized communities to help eliminate poverty and destitution. We are building a world where everyone is provided adequate skills and emergence relief and empowered with tools and opportunities to thrive and contribute to society. We do this by empowering newcomers and marginalized communities in Canada to succeed through vocational training which provide access to post-secondary education and to information thereby improving literacy levels.

What We Do


— Emergence Shelter Response

Sheltering International provides emergence support to all people experiencing abuse and harm. Our program assists with securing community support due to lack of skills and information. We assist service users find and access housing, food and other relief services for everyone in urgent need.


— Drop-In Program Food Bank

Sheltering International provides materials support such as food and clothing to groups experiencing poverty and abuse. Our program assist with locating and accessing basic necessities such as the distribution food, recreational activities, referral support and access to harm reduction services. 


— Life Skills Vocational Training

Sheltering International believe that vocational skills training enable independent living. Our program provide sustainable skills training to help service users. By giving people training, skills and trades, we believes that we are giving them power to take control and change their lives forever. 


— Child Protection

Sheltering International provides protection for children. Our program assist vulnerable children come out of exploitation and abuse. We focus on protecting the most vulnerable children. We support and help children going through abuse and exploitation through mentoring and skills training.

Impact Stories

Adama joined street gangs since age 14

“When I see this two red houses and a black ring around them I cry. I was doing drugs, selling drugs. But I met a man in the night who recommended Sheltering International if I needed to change my life. I cry when I look back. I am now in College. I am also working part time at McDonald’s in Mississauga.” 

A brighter future for an ex-prison convict

“I spent three years behind bars at Collins Bay Institution, a prison facility in Kingston, Ontario. When I left prison, my family and friends did not want anything to do with me. I ended up sleeping rough and homeless. A friend I met in prison who came out before me, advised me to come and do some free professional skills.”