Across canada, We Are United in Our Dedication to everyone

Who We Are

Sheltering International Organisation

Sheltering International aims to provide life-serving skills, vocational training and emergence and relief services for everyone in urgent need. Today, over a billion people live in poverty with no access to vocational skills. That’s 14% of the world’s population. We work with marginalized communities to help eliminate poverty and destitution. We are building a world where everyone is provided adequate skills and emergence relief and empowered with tools and opportunities to thrive and contribute to society. We do this by empowering  marginalized communities to succeed through free vocational training which provide access to post-secondary education and to information thereby improving literacy levels.

Our Approach

mission and visions

— Mission Statement

Sheltering International Organisation is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to help alleviate human suffering through sustainable development programs that foster self-reliance and preserves human dignity by empowering free skills.

— About Our Causes

Our main causes is “to help alleviate human suffering.” Since 2020, we have contributed towards facilitating sustainable development through long term development projects and maintaining human dignity by providing immediate relief assistance to many people. Our projects have helped people to become more self-sufficient and the emergency assistance provided has helped people in dire need. We have provided free  professional skills training, food, and mentoring. 

— Our Goal

Our goal is to help in implementing what we see as universal values founded on fundamental human rights by contributing to the alleviation of poverty and securing better socio-economic life for the disadvantaged groups through empowering them to depend on themselves and participate in the decisions concerning their own problems. These values are echoed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other United Nations human rights instruments. The freedoms and responsibilities inherent in them lead directly to tolerance, gender equality, public dialogue and non-violence to settle disputes, respect for all people regardless of differing characteristics – all part of what we call “Canadian values.”

get involved

— Emergence Center Volunteer Services

Lack of literacy and life-serving skills leads to vulnerability and abuse. As a volunteer, you can work in our community center as part of our team. You can help our service users to access public services and other community services. We are always looking for social workers and teachers.

— Drop-In Food Distribution Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help us distribute food to our service users through our drop-in program and in accessing and food outreach sourcing. We need volunteers to help and support the service users who are at high risk of harm due to lack of food and other basic necessities. 

— Child Protection Volunteers

We need volunteers to work and support our young people by mentoring them. We need volunteers to provide our young service users with guidance and basic skills training depending on the needs of each child. Our volunteers help to bring fun filled moments to education training of our youthe. 

— Life Skills Vocation Training Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers who can bring different skills to our vocation training center. Our volunteers help by providing hands on training to service users. We are always looking for volunteers with skills in basic computer use training, sewing and tailoring, graphic and website designing, video and music production skills training.